Transform your business communications with ringEmail cloud communication and messaging solution

Clearhub developed award-winning ringEmail cloud communication and messaging solution. ringEmail offers on demand communication services with innovative technology to enterprises. By on demand means delivering real-time communications and usage logs (telecom expense management) and there is no requirement for our customers to invest or acquire hardware or software, they simply consume the service as and when they require from a private cloud. Organization of any size and industry truly benefit from cloud services. Cloud computing deliver services to customer's need as and when they need it, and where they need it. ringEmail enable customers to standardize communications across the organization, take advantage of emerging technologies, increase productivity and enable all employees truly 'mobile'.

Customer enjoy the realtime benefit of more than 30% to 90% savings on their telephony and messaging as well as roaming cost and enhanced application that comes alongside (push email and mobile outlook). This helps the business to work effectively as one. They are more productive and work from anywhere in the office, home, hotel or anywhere with an internet connection. ringEmail is a complete cross-platform communication solution that is device, language and carrier agnostic allowing customers to easily use ringEmail service from any IP connected device or application.


Cost-Savings on Local and International Calls

Simple and easy to use, enjoy cost-savings of more than 90% of your local and international Calls. No contract; No monthly fee; No setup fee; No connection fee; No long pin nor long access number to dial for any call with ringEmail.

Initiate a Callback call to your mobile phone to eliminate any local airtime charge since there is no charge for incoming calls to your mobile phone (applicable for most countries). Or initiate a Callback call to any fixed line.

During international roaming, get same call charge and savings like you are making a call in your home country with ringEmail.

Cost-Savings on Local and International SMS

Just send SMS like you normally would from your phone contacts or outlook contacts and enjoy great savings with ringEmail, in your home country or roaming internationally. Broadcast and Group SMS feature with Sender ID available without any additional rental or subscription charges.

Group and Broadcast SMS
Create many groups from your ringEmail Mobile Organizer that is already sync with your Outlook
Import contact groups via Microsoft Excel (*CSV) file
Select from 3 or more Pre-defined Sender ID
Delivery Notice for each SMS
Check Rate
Real Time SMS History for Tracking on ringEmail mobile application, mobile browser and web.

Multiple Push Email Accounts

Not Available with Blackberry Devices

ringEmail service support multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts on virtually any mobile phone. Add several company and/or personal email accounts to be push to you. ringEmail runs in the background so you are always online and ready to get your emails push to your mobile phone.

Get a Faster view of email Attachments without the need for third-party Attachment Readers with Preview functions on ringEmail which reduces data access by more than 95%.

Smart link capability is available to launch quick functions with a single click.

Mobile Organizer

Have all your Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks sync to ringEmail Mobile Organizer and access it from the web. Or access your Outlook contacts on ringEmail mobile application.

Everything you need to know about the contacts is right at your fingertips.

Reduced Data Charges

Award- winning ringEmail service saves you time and money as it is optimized to be fast with low data usage. Designed with compression technology, ringEmail dramatically reduce data usage to 50 times lesser (check your data usage at ringEmail Main Menu/ About) and 50 times faster.


Secured with Ease of Access

Encrypted and password protected with 3-in-1 access via ringEmail mobile application, mobile browser and web. ringEmail mobile application is FREE to download and you can install to any and multiple mobile phones. In order to further reduce roaming charges when travelling overseas, install ringEmail application to a local phone (local SIM) to trigger Calls and send SMS without incurring roaming charges.


Learn more about ringEmail service at www.ringEmail.com or email to enterprise@clearhub.com.

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